How to make Potato Smiley / Potato smiley recipe / Kids snack , Tiffin recipe

Potato smiley is a very easy but very yummy recipe, Frozen smiley s are not so healthy so there is an alternate for you kids and they are also very yummy so Please do try this recipe and share with your family and friends and if you like the recipe then Like and Subscribe .

Ingredients boiled potatoes:-

4-5 medium cheese 4 tsp salt -little less because using cheese corn flour or corn starch 4 -5 tsp as required Italian herbs 1- tsp (optional) just mix them together & make the dough. now make smileys as shown in video .they are ready to fry or you can also bake them.

Corn Pakora | Corn Fritter | Indian snack recipe | Tea time crispy Appetizer

Corn Pakora or corn fritter is very easy to do and takes no time. Craving crispy pakora or krispy fritter? Corn pakora satisfies. Watch to lean how to make instant corn pakora for your next party or just for tea time snack.
Corn pakora | Corn Fritter | crispy veg pakora | Indian Snack recipe Ingredients:-

I.Frozen sweat corn 1 cup
II.Gram Flour/Besan ½ cup
III.Ginger paste 1 tsp
IV.Cilantro 12-15 leaves
V.Gram Masala ½ tsp
VI.Salt 1 tsp/to taste
VII.Chat Masala 2 tsp
VIII.Red chili powder ½ tsp ix Oil to fry

Potato Bullet | Potato Crosscurrents | Party Appetizer | Indian Tea Snacks recipe

Potato Bullet or Cheesy Potato Crosscurrents is perfect party pleasures for your next get together.Watch to learn how to make quick Aloo Bullets.

Ingredients for Potato Bullet:-

I.Potatoes boiled and grated 3
II.Mozzarella cheese 1 cup
III.Corn starch 2tsp
IV.All purpose floor 3tsp
V.Parsley flakes (optional )
VI.Oregano flake (optional )
VII.Bread crums
VIII.Salt 1tsp ot to taste
IX.Red chilly powder 1/2 tsp
X.Garam masala 1/2 tsp
XI.Garlic powder 1/4 tsp
XII.Black peeper 1/2 tsp
XIII.Italian Seasoning (optional )

Oats Paratha recipe | Healthy Breakfast !dea

Oats Paratha is the most healthy yet satisfying breakfast you can have. Watch to learn how to make Gilt free Oats parantha from your Quaker oats

Ingredients for Oats Paratha:-

I.Whole wheat flour ½ cup
II.Oats (powdered) ½ cup
III.Gram flour 4tsp
IV.Onion(fine chopped), ¼ cup
V.Spinach ½ cup
VI.Kassori methi 1tsp
VII.carom sead/aijwain ¼ tsp
VIII.Coriander ½ tsp
IX.Dry mango powder 1tsp
X.Salt 1tsp to taste
XI.Red chilly powder ½ tsp
XII.Garam masala ½ tsp
XIII.Black peeper ½ tsp

Suji Dhokla | Indian Tea time Snack | Instant appetizer| Smart snack recipe

Suji Dhokla or Sooji Porus/Fluffy Dhokla is a light flavorful indian tea time or breakfast recipe. Watch to learn how to make healthy Semolina Cake?

Suzi Dhokla Ingredients:-

I.Suzi/Semolina 1 cup
II.Curd/yoghurt 1 cup
III.Sugar 3 tsp
IV.Salt 1 tsp
V.Baking Soda ½ tsp
VI.Citric Acid ½ tsp
VII.Pinch of Turmeric powder & Ginger & Green chilly
VIII.Red chili powder
IX.Shredded Coconut
X.Fresh Cilantro
XI.Curry leaves