Punjabi Lassi ( Indian yogurt drink ) Authentic Recipe

Balle Balle, Here's Punjabi Favorite Drink LASSI recipe. Watch http://youtu.be/0zTN5_0ywhU to learn how to quickly make Authentic Punjabi tasty Lassi at home. Punjabi Lassi Ingredient:- I.Yoghurt 1 cup II.Sugar 4 tsp III.Pinch of cardamom & Safforn IV.Ice to taste V.Plain Butter or Malai to taste

Mango Lassi. Indian flavored Yogurt Drink Recipe

Anytime refreshing North Indian drink, is sure to satisfy your indulgence.Watch http://youtu.be/NgJAMi2hRiU To learn how to make Mango Lassi at home using Saffron, Yogurt and Mango Pulp? I.Full fat yogurt 1 Cup (16 tbs) II.Full fat milk 1 Cup (16 tbs) III.Mango pulp 1 Cup (16 tbs) IV.Sugar 1 Teaspoon...

Cereal Soy Good Smoothie recipe

Unique Smoothie to surprise you. Watch https://youtu.be/p5cHFi2Vmd4 to learn how to make quick Healthy Soy Smoothie ? Cereal Soy Smoothie Ingredient:- I. Soya milk 1 cup II. Banana 1 III. Corn flakes ½ cup IV. Blue berry ½ cup V. Honey Optional 2 tsp

Watermelon Lemonade Virgin or Cocktail togo with watrmelon cubes

Watermelon cooler to Sucker, Virgin to cocktail, we got you covered. Watch http://youtu.be/phqNXyA1Ma0 to learn how to make watermelon lemonade virgin or alcoholic drink with watermelon ice? Watermelon Lemonade Ingredient:- I. Water Melon 1 lb II. Lemon 2-3 III. Sugar 2-3 tsp IV. Black pepper & salt to taste V....

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