Aloo Tikki for Vrat Upwas Navratra Recipe

Aloo Tikki for Varat or Upwas. Potato tikki Navratra recipe. Watch to learn how to make Aloo Tikki for fasting? Aloo Tikki Aloo Tikki Ingredient:- I. Potato 2-3 II. Atta Saghara 1 cup III. Ginger to taste IV. Peanuts 15-20 V. Oil to fry

Maggi Cutlet | Innovative (No potato) Indian Tea Snacks recipes

Maggi cutlet is very easy and quick to do indian crispy anytime snack. Maggi kebab Appetizer can win your party guests and hearts of little ones.Watch to learn this easy breezy Indian tea time (no potato)healthy Fritter Maggi cutlet Ingredient:- 1. Maggi (Boiled) 1 cup 2. Cheese 1 cup...

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