Oats Banana Healthy Muffin Kids recipe

Oat Muffin is healthy option for picky eaters. Banana oat muffin is easy and yummy anytime bake recipe. Watch https://youtu.be/m6GwmSUaGFo to learn how to turn your quaker oats into this yummy healthy muffin for kids?

Oats Banana Muffin (Chocolate) Ingredients:-
I.All-purpose flour 2 cup
II.Oats ½ cup
III.Brown sugar ½ cup
IV.Milk ½ cup
V.Chocolate chips 3/4 cup
VI.Banana 3
VII.Butter 1/3 cup
VIII.Vanilla essence 1 tsp
IX.Cooking cups 12-15
X.Baking powder 1 tsp
XI.Baking soda ¾ tsp
XII.Salt ¼ tsp

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