Punjabi Methi Paratha (Stuffed Fenugreek Leaves Healthy Paratha)

Punjabi Methi Paratha is healthy North Indian breakfast dish which is made from leafs of fenugreek( green herb Fresh leaves of methi are used to make parathas or vegetables . Fenugreek ( methi ) leaves are cooling and aromatic with a unique flavor; helps in weight loss , reduces dullness and drowsiness, very effective in diabetes. Methi leaves are rich in vitamin , minerals , calcium , potassium , iron , phosphorus and are more energetic. Learn today, how to make Methi Parathas

Punjabi Methi Paratha Ingredient:

1. Fenugreek leaf 2 bunch (350 gram)
2. Wheat flour 1 ½ cup
3. Coriander & carom seed 1 tsp each
4. Salt, Red chili, Gram masala ½ tsp each
5. Ghee or oil as per taste

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